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caregiver sitting with elderly woman and her daughter


Dad has been a resident at Peachtree Creek for 6 months. The staff is attentive and makes sure he is safe and well cared for. We visit frequently and have seen the staff interact with the residents in various situations, including some encounters involving the difficult behaviors normally associated with Dementia. They handle all situations with patience and a smile. We are blessed to have found Dad a place to call home
Carla & Steve F.
Thank you to all the Peachtree Creek staff for making my mother’s last years of her life so wonderful. I know that she thought of all of you as her family. Everyone was always so kind and helpful. Without the love and care you gave her, I don’t know what we would have done. The work you do is so very important and I thank you with all of my heart for taking care of my mother. I will miss you all.
Leslie W
Peachtree Creek is now my Dad’s home and we are so thankful for that. I feel good about him being here and know that they take care of his every need. Blessings to all the wonderful and caring staff. They are very special.
Alice R.
I love that mom is in the Peachtree. The amenities and meals are fabulous. Every staff member knows her name and greets her with a smile.
Carol and Steve F
Great staff happy knowing that they are taking care of my BROTHER
Samuel T.
The best Memory Care facility I have been to, wonderful caring staff, they treated my dad like a king. Thank you!
Dwight G.
The staff at Peachtree Creek are kind and caring. They know how to work with patients who have different problems. They are always trying to improve their program. I was glad I found this place for my wife.
Brian B.
I just wanted to thank you for treating Mark like family. The difference between Peachtree and the previous community is like night and day. Amazing. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks and I already know this was the right choice for him. Thank you again.
Karen S.
We have always seen the staff treat the residents with respect and concern for everyone’s well-being. The staff's ability to execute their responsibilities is highly dependent on the ratio of resident to staff, which was a significant prerequisite for us in selecting Peachtree Creek.
Blake R.
I was gratified to see the Peachtree Creek Staff was so compassionate and caring to the residents. The facility was clean and orderly. I noticed the staff handled the behavior problems that come with Alzheimer's disease very well. I did not worry about my wife while she was there. She still speaks fondly about her experience there.
Ben W.
The wonderful care and love you and your staff showed for my father was fantastic. I am forever grateful for Peachtree and all the dedicated staff. You provided a “home” for him and that is really special. Living conditions were comfortable, warm. Those were 2 wonderful years. It was the best place he could have been. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sheila, Ken, Brock & Stacy
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