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Social Connection and Engagement – People who are part of a caring community live longer and have less stress than those who are isolated and lonely. And what’s good for people living with dementia is what’s good for all older people: staying connected and engaged.

Music Therapy – The soothing sound of music improves mood, reduces stress and agitation, and creates focus and interest. That’s why we offer events and programs using the power of music to make the present world more familiar and awaken memories of people, places and experiences from the past.

Physical Activity – Our community offers exercise opportunities every day, such as walking, stretching and restorative yoga, dancing and working with weights.

Every person on staff — from housekeepers to bookkeepers to the kitchen and wellness teams — is considered a care provider in the community and is trained to go above and beyond. Staff take time to truly get to know each resident and work every day to create moments of joy. Employees are encouraged to blend personal interests and experiences with the lives of residents, lead group programs and interact on a regular basis. Residents have endless opportunities to stay engaged in positive experiences, yet can always find privacy and quiet time when they need it.

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Memory care services

24-hour care andsupervision
Nutritious meals
Medication management
Incontinencecare & toileting
Help with personal care
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Mobility assistance
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Memory Care

Peachtree Creek Memory Care provides a secure, cozy and supportive home-like environment specifically designed for the needs of those with Alzheimer’s


Our residents spend their days surrounded by people who encourage them to enjoy life, experience feelings of belonging and purpose.


Staff take time to truly get to know each resident and work every day to create moments of joy.

Custom care

We assess each resident’s interests and abilities, then build a personalized approach to create moments of joy.

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